Nobody wants an infected computer network causing your business to grind to a halt. Hooble’s AntiVirus Protection will scan your network and find any problems before they get a chance to do any damage.


Small Business

  • 1 to 100 Devices
  • Price is per device
1mo @

Prices exclude VAT (20%)

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Medium Business

  • 101 to 250 Devices
  • Price is per device
1mo @

Prices exclude VAT (20%)

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  • Over 250 devices
  • Price is per device
1mo @

Prices exclude VAT (20%)

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What’s included in all plans?

Cloud Control Panel

Cloud Control Panel

It’s easy for you to manage user logins and view any potential threats through the user-friendly control panel.

Secures Server and Desktop

Secures Server and Desktop

Our AntiVirus protection will ensure your whole network is safe, including the server your data is on as well as your individual devices.

Hourly Auto-Updates

Hourly Auto-Updates

You can rest easy knowing that automatic updates happen every hour to make everything run smoothly.

Get all these great features

  • Automatic Network Rollout
  • Windows 7, 8 & 10
  • Removes Existing AntiVirus
  • Security Policy Management
  • Centrally Manage Settings
  • Push Updates / Scans
  • Spyware & Malware Protection
  • Malicious Link Protection
  • Email Protection
  • Anti-Spam Filter
  • Transparent public encryption keys

Why you need AntiVirus Protection

Just as you wouldn’t want a nasty illness affecting all of your team members, a computer virus can spread and be fatal to your business computer network. With computers playing such an important role in day-to-day business, can you afford to risk a virus infecting your system?

To protect your computer network and your business, you need to be constantly scanning and checking for anything dodgy, before it has a chance to spread and disrupt everything. To avoid your network going down, protect it with one of our AntiVirus options.

Regular Scanning

Your system is regularly scanned so you know your computer network is virus-free and running nice and smoothly.

Protect your whole network from one location

Through a user-friendly control panel you can view any infections and see them being removed.

Improve efficiency

Avoid wasted downtime by preventing network infections and also block malicious websites and distractions for your staff members.

Extra safety and security for customers

By protecting your network your customers’ information is in safe hands.

Cost Effective

It can be costly to recover from a virus that’s infected your network. You can put that saved money and energy into other areas of your business to boost your productivity.


Is it easy to set up?

There’s more to life than setting up AntiVirus protection. You can focus on what you enjoy doing and let Hooble take care of setting it up for you.

Will our emails be protected?

Spam emails are often the source of viruses, so our AntiVirus protection includes anti-spam measures and transparent public encryption keys for secure email.